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This week, our program partner NYCEDC launched Next Level Bronx, which is generously supported by Citi Community Development and powered by Interise’s StreetWise ‘MBA’™ curriculum. Business owners in over 65 locations across the United States are learning to work ON their business with the StreetWise ‘MBA’™, gaining also the network of peers that will hold them accountable to their plans for growth. This NYCEDC Bronx class represents established businesses from the following industries, to name a few: construction, transportation, cleaning, IT, graphic design, pest control, plumbing…

We asked each business owner in this inaugural NYCEDC Next Level Bronx class, 

“Why are you taking the StreetWise ‘MBA’™?”

  1. Getting my numbers together, and getting more work in the Bronx.
  2. Run my business more efficiently
  3. Get more business in NYC, and expand to New Jersey and Puerto Rico
  4. Take business to the next level
  5. Focus on the growth of my business, I am running in many different directions and need a more narrow approach
  6. Increase revenues. I would like to develop a strategy for the long term and build a team that I can trust.
  7. I want to go to the next level re procurement
  8. Train staff to take on more responsibility and learn to let go
  9. I look forward to doing business with other members of this cohort
  10. I want to create a strategy to organize my business more efficiently and try to sell it in a different way
  11. I want a continuation of growth, be a little more organized and develop internally
  12. I want business growth and better business operations, better consistency, help with financials and staffing
  13. Cash flow analysis
  14. Want to give back to the community and invest in the community
  15. Build relationships and have a roadmap on how to grow
  16. I want to be able to use my numbers to build my company.

Good luck to this first cohort of Next Level Bronx business owners! Special thanks to our program partners: Citi Community Development, NYCEDC, Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation, the Bronx Chamber of Commerce, and Assemblyman Michael Blake. Rather than build a brand, we build a network. #ImpactMatters


Interise licenses the Streetwise ‘MBA’™ curriculum to partners who deliver it through their own locally branded programs. We provide the curriculum, training, quality assurance, and evaluation so partners can effectively and efficiently launch. WE MAKE PARTNERS LOOK GOOD, VERY GOOD. Learn more.