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4 Digital Strategies for Small Businesses Recovering Post-Pandemic

Being small can be a strength, even in the digital world. This article outlines the ways that business owners can reach and re-engage customers through digital tools by playing up two of their key strengths: being a part of their community and being positioned to meet people’s need for social connection. While the traditional avenues of engagement for small businesses may be unavailable, business owners can re-engage customers by promoting messaging about supporting the community and buying local, creating events that bring people together, and using digital tools like delivery services or virtual tip jars to support marketing efforts.

One Kind of Customer That Trumps All the Rest

This article explains the difference between customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and product evangelism. It advises business owners to focus their energy on creating product evangelism by producing great products that provide deep personal pleasure accompanied by a business or product story that speaks to the customer. Business owners should then follow up by building and maintaining customer loyalty from this customer base.

12 Online Selling Tips For Beginners

12 experts share their best eCommerce tips for businesses developing their digital presence. Tips include creating an SEO strategy, picking the right platform, reducing friction, not sending customers away, investing in your website, living and breathing digital, finding your unique selling point, making your website secure, minding your margins, not trying to reinvent the wheel, knowing your audience better than your competitors do, and considering your customers’ wants and needs.

Marketing y ventas

Marketing y ventas from the SBA

(ESP) Este artículo cuenta con la gran ventaja que es de la propia páginaweb del gobierno estadounidense. Esto significa que toda la información propuesta y dada es real y no se cae en algún tipo de incertidumbre al momento de analizarla. Cuenta con una estrucutra tipo checklist lo que hace que su lectura sea fácil y rápida. Adicionalmente, lap página ofrece varios hyperlinks que pueden servir de ayuda para aclarar dudas al lector.

(ENG) This article from the SBA breaks down the basics of marketing and sales. It advises business owners to be strategic by developing a marketing plan that details who their target market is, any marketing and sales goals, a budget, and more. Business owners should regularly update the plan and measure the effectiveness of their efforts.

Marketing Your Business In The Midst Of Covid-19: 5 Tips To Stay Afloat

This Forbes article briefly explains 5 ways business owners can adapt their marketing strategies to the current crisis and better engage with their customers. The tips include reassuring customers about the crisis, getting creative with marketing techniques and product offerings, increasing social media engagement, fostering relationships through regular communication, and improving your online presence.

8 Ways To Partner With Current Customers To Increase Sales

Eight small business owners share how they are looking to their current customers to help support their business. Business owners discuss partnering with customers on content, encouraging reviews and testimonials, cultivating relationships, getting customers involved, adapting to fit customer needs, incorporating the big picture, taking part in a group brainstorm, and cultivating community.