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How to Take a Vacation as a Small Business Owner

This article provides seven tips to help business owners plan a successful vacation. The resource emphasizes the importance of taking time off and guides business owners on planning a vacation that is truly restful while ensuring their business runs smoothly and their staff is successful during their absence. The resource recommends setting boundaries for working during vacation, delegating tasks ahead of time, preparing your staff for any foreseeable issues, establishing a second in command, and notifying important clients about your time off.

Four Ways Leaders Can Engage Their WFH Teams During Covid-19

This Forbes article briefly explains four ways leaders can make sure they are properly leveraging the virtual workplace. It advises leaders to “heighten the humanity” in the workplace. They can do this by leading by example and sharing their own emotions with their team. The article also summarizes the key differences between physical and virtual meetings that will affect how well teammates can connect.

16 Personalities

16 Personalities from 16 Personalities

The Meyers-Briggs personality test is a useful tool for reflecting on one’s own behaviors and predispositions as a leader (and as a person), as well as for understanding different people’s ways of leading (and being). Taking the test yourself or encouraging employees to take it and then discussing the results may help your team understand each other better.