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¿Porqué cultivar relaciones más diversas en tu negocio?

(ESP) Una infografía que explica la importancia de cultivar relaciones más diversas en un pequeño negocio, se dan también recomendaciones de nuevas alianzas en organizaciones de proveedores y organizaciones de pequeños negocios especificas dentro de EEUU.

(ENG) This infographic explains the importance of cultivating relationships in and outside of your business and taking advantage of opportunities to diversify your small business’s supplier relationships. It also provides a list of business organizations in the U.S. that could be a good place to start building a more diverse network.

How Small Companies Can Offer Great Paid-Leave Programs


As paid leave becomes increasingly important to employees, this article provides advice on how business owners can offer this benefit to their employees and stay competitive. The article suggests starting with a cost-benefit analysis because not offering leave may be more expensive than offering it in the long run. Next, speak with employees about their priorities and needs, include men in any policies you do offer, create a plan for covering work when someone takes off, be consistent and communicate openly to maintain a culture of trust, and be a voice in the public policy debate for state and national paid leave policies.

How Should You Be Talking With Employees About Racism?

Addressing racism in your business during this time of national reckoning is essential. Before rushing to make public statements of support, ensure you are opening up the conversation internally and centering the voices of your employees of color. This resource advises business owners not to shrink away from the topic out of fear of getting it wrong. Being authentic, reflective, and admitting what you don’t know is an important first step. It’s also critical that business owners and managers check in on their employees of color and are prepared to step back and listen. Keep in mind that some employees may not want to speak about their experiences or feel safe doing so. For those that want to share, it is imperative to provide safe opportunities for these discussions. Lastly, opening up dialogue must be followed by committing to ongoing efforts that support employees of color and advance racial justice.

Companies Are Using Juneteenth To Show Black Employees That They Matter

This article discusses how recognizing Juneteenth as a company holiday can be a way for business owners to support their Black employees. It also focuses on how business owners can further support Black employees and provides tips for ongoing efforts they can take on beyond Juneteenth. The tips include opening up dialogue about race, ensuring Black employees are being hired, promoted, and paid at the same rate, and ensuring growth opportunities through mentorship, internships, and networking programs.

How Brands Can Follow Through on the Values They’re Selling


This resource details the two necessary components businesses need to embody the values they support: authentic and long-term communication on an issue coupled with deep engagement through structural changes and monetary investment. Using examples from companies that have succeeded or missed the mark, this article provides tips for any business on developing meaningful communication and credibility on an issue along with making internal structural changes that ensure alignment with external messaging.

How to Incorporate Holidays That Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion

This article provides guidance to business owners for adopting holidays and days of remembrance that make sense for their employees, community context, and goals. This article addresses topics such as considerations for choosing holidays to observe, how to communicate this to employees, and alternative ways of observing if a business can’t add a paid holiday.