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How Gratitude Can Transform Your Workplace

This resource makes the case for building a strong culture of gratitude within any organization. It breaks down the impact that expressing gratitude can have on employees and workplace culture such as higher job satisfaction and fewer sick days. The article emphasizes that gratitude is not about reaping these benefits, but rather recognizing the inherent value of employees and coworkers. It provides four key tips to authentically and continuously cultivate this culture within any business.

How Small Companies Can Offer Great Paid-Leave Programs


As paid leave becomes increasingly important to employees, this article provides advice on how business owners can offer this benefit to their employees and stay competitive. The article suggests starting with a cost-benefit analysis because not offering leave may be more expensive than offering it in the long run. Next, speak with employees about their priorities and needs, include men in any policies you do offer, create a plan for covering work when someone takes off, be consistent and communicate openly to maintain a culture of trust, and be a voice in the public policy debate for state and national paid leave policies.

How to Take a Vacation as a Small Business Owner

This article provides seven tips to help business owners plan a successful vacation. The resource emphasizes the importance of taking time off and guides business owners on planning a vacation that is truly restful while ensuring their business runs smoothly and their staff is successful during their absence. The resource recommends setting boundaries for working during vacation, delegating tasks ahead of time, preparing your staff for any foreseeable issues, establishing a second in command, and notifying important clients about your time off.

4 Ways to Keep a Small Company Culture as Your Business Grows

In this article, the owner of cloud accounting company FreshBooks details 4 focuses he kept in mind to reinforce key company values as he grew his business. His tips include maintaining a small business owner’s perspective, building a foundation of shared beliefs, creating open channels of communication, and developing company culture outside of work.

Company Survival Guide To Care For Staff During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Forbes provides helpful tips on caring for your employees while still maintaining a healthy business during the COVID-19 pandemic. These recommendations fall into several categories: preventing the spread of illness, coordinating healthy business operations, managing COVID-19 positive results, prioritizing morale building efforts, and considering the financial and employment needs of staff. Outside of the CDC’s guidelines, this article does not link to specific resources, but it does provide many useful tips on how to approach leadership and HR.