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Desarrollo de la fuerza laboral

(ESP) En esta infografia se explica como las pequeñas empresas deben desarrollar la fuerza de trabajo segun las necesidades que se requieren en este momento para que sus trabajadores logren una mayor productuvidad y mejora de sus habilidades en el futuro.

(ENG) Professional development opportunities are often necessary for employees to grow their skills and build the ones their company needs. This infographic provides five areas to consider when providing professional development opportunities including leadership/management, training, capacity, soft skills, and technology.

The Next Level: Understanding the Costs of Business Growth

American Express

This article is about the importance of assessing the costs of business growth. It prompts business owners to consider how and when they should grow their business and provides a list of questions to assess strengths and weaknesses in seven key areas before implementing a growth plan strategy. This resource helps business owners think critically about their growth and how to make it happen at a cost they can afford.

4 ways companies can avoid post-pandemic employee turnover

This article explains some of the reasons driving potentially high employee turnover post-pandemic. Employees are willing to go to organizations that offer flexibility and meet their needs. As remote work becomes the norm they have more options to choose from forcing business owners to consider how to retain employees. The article suggests four tips: offer flexibility that allows for the work-life balance employees are seeking, maintain your company culture virtually and in-person, show employees you care, and hone in on top performers by offering growth opportunities and recognition.

Employees looking to quit post-pandemic? Here’s how to keep them.

This article helps business owners rethink how to attract and retain talent in a world where flexibility is the number one priority for employees. The article advises that the companies and organizations that will fare the best will be those that adapt to reflect employee needs and wants like hybrid work options, opportunities for career advancement, and commitment to diversity and inclusion. Now that remote or hybrid work is the norm, the key to staying competitive is providing flexibility and having a culture that is sensitive and supportive of the flexibility employees need to meet the demands of both work and life.

5 To-Dos In Recruiting To Prepare For A Post-Covid World

This article provides five steps business owners can take to place themselves in the best position when recruiting talent post-pandemic. The advice can help business owners adjust based on the new and evolving wants and needs of employees. The five steps include being transparent about how you handle crises, offering flexible work options, engaging the candidate in your brand by sharing your mission or unique company culture, being creative or revamping parts of your recruiting process, and being bold and adaptive to inevitable changes.