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One small business owner in Massachusetts will receive this year’s Good Citizens Award for demonstrating an outstanding commitment to the revitalization and economic resiliency of his or her community.


Susan Labandibar (@Labandibar) founded Tech Networks of Boston (TNB) in 1994 to deliver reliable, used computers to cash-strapped urban students. This idea flourished into an IT services organisation that not only provides over 80 mission-driven organisations with IT support, but also offers an outlet for underserved individuals to build careers in the IT industry.

Todd Snopkowski (@chefsnap) is the founder and CEO of Snapchef, a workforce development program that trains and places both temporary and permanent food service workers – upwards of 190 people a day. Additionally, they shuttle workers to/from jobs – providing reliable and punctual transportation for clients (and workers). In March of this year, they reached a big milestone of their 1,000th job.

Melissa Tyler is a driver of small, independently owned businesses in East Boston. In addition to her own small business, Tummy Toys, Melissa owns and operates an incubator space that houses 16 small businesses; 9 are woman- and minority-owned. Melissa is the Director on East Boston Main Streets and the Director on Piers PAC, East Boston.

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