Interise is excited to bring The MBA Response program into the fold.

What started as a few Harvard MBA friends building a Google Doc of projects quickly morphed into a national effort with 20+ MBA programs building chapters that mobilized virtually to provide tangible support to hundreds of small businesses. Along the way, students got first-hand experience working with entrepreneurs and small business owners both in their communities and in places they might otherwise never have visited, such as Detroit, rural Alabama, and West Virginia. Over the last 1.5 years,

  • 1500+ students provided 5500+ hours of pro bono support
  • 22 MBA programs joined the community
  • 1200+ small businesses accessed support (70% minority owned)

Interise worked closely with The MBA Response team from the start and they helped support hundreds of our alumni companies through the PPP process and other much needed support during covid.  We are excited to continue to offer this valuable service to our alumni businesses.

Interise will match The MBA Response team with Alumni of Interise’s award winning StreetWise “MBA” Program.  The MBA students will provide the Alumni one-to-one support on a particular business project that meets the small business Strategic growth goal. The first matchmaking pilot will launch in April 2022.

For more information contact Jerrianne Jackson at