Harper Dangler

Senior Development Manager

As Senior Development Manager, Harper Dangler leads the planning and execution of a comprehensive development and fundraising program at Interise. Harper raises funds from individuals, corporations, and foundations to help advance Interise’s mission and programs. Before joining Interise, Harper led development at the Society of Arts and Crafts, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, and the Ocean River Institute. Harper has an M.A. in Social Work from Boston College and a B.A. from Earlham College. When not working to advance social justice, he can be found painting watercolors and singing in choruses.

What do I care about?
I care deeply about equity, social justice, and the environment. I seek a more just, harmonious world where difference is celebrated while our common humanity is never forgotten. I believe that it all comes down to a need of showing respect for each person and creature on this planet. To do this we must undo institutional inequality and systems of oppression, provide equitable access to resources, and care for our environment so that all living things have a chance to live their best life.

Why Interise?
I have always loved supporting local, small businesses. I believe that they are an engine for building vibrant, thriving, and inclusive communities. Interise is the perfect merging of my passions--for social justice, racial equity, and community development. Supporting small businesses is good for the environment. I also chose Interise because they do an incredible job of providing data that demonstrates their impact.