Darrell Byers

Chief Executive Officer

Darrell Byers came to Interise from Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco where he was Chief Advancement Officer. He previously held leadership roles at Easterseals Bay Area and EarthJustice, and was the recipient of the Eleanor Collier Award from Case District 1 for his contributions to education. Darrell holds a B.A in History from the College of Holy Cross.

What do I care about?
Equality. Since the first slave came off the boat in 1619, Black Americans have been fighting for equality across our nation. Every individual born Black is forced to start life on an unequal playing ground, and there is not one facet of our society where that is not the case. As a result, I have made it my mission to uplift and support communities of color, by helping them grow local economies and build generational wealth.

Why Interise?
Interise is a national organization which means our impact spans far and wide. Being a former small business owner myself, I personally understand the struggles that our alumni go through on a daily basis. From understanding their finances to accessing capital to gaining economic traction with anchor institutions, I have lived and felt the challenges of it all. No matter where I have been in my career, I have always worked to transform lives and that’s exactly what we do at Interise.