Angelique Barreto

Program Manager, National Partnerships

As a Program Manager with Interise, Angelique Barreto focuses on building and maintaining rich relationships with partnered agencies and organizations that are dedicated to equipping small business owners for an abundant future. With a targeted focus on community and economic development, Angelique manages the successful implementation of our renowned StreetWise MBA program, which educates and prepares our participants through a versatile curriculum and valued mentorship guidance. Through strategic planning and goal-setting, Angelique is honed in on identifying needs and challenges for current and existing partnerships, ensuring that they receive quality customer service and fruitful programmatic outcomes.

Prior to joining the Interise team, Angelique served in the areas of customer success within the education technology space, along with a profound record in the area of higher education and adult-learning. She holds a B.A. in Sociology from the State University of New York at New Paltz and an M.A. from Stonybrook University in Higher Education Administration. Angelique is fueled by her passion in creating gateways towards upward mobility and entrepreneurial success.

What do I care about?

As a first-generation Latina college graduate who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, I understand the vitality of investing into culturally diverse and small, local businesses within one’s respective community. Not only have I witnessed the commitment and determination of emigrated entrepreneurs within my own family, but I have encountered magnificent success stories of individuals who have paved their own way, without any formal business education. I recognize that small businesses are truly the key towards an abundant future for families, as they build their bridge towards wealth. I seek to uplift our communities in building opportunities for upward mobility and equipping individuals with the knowledge and strategy to maximize their gifts and passions for the long-term.

Why Interise?

Interise is dedicated to strengthening and equipping diverse small businesses through our rich Streetwise MBA curriculum, active mentorship and involved learning community. The team members behind our mission truly demonstrate a deep passion and commitment towards the work they do, to see entrepreneurs thrive and advance in their journey towards success with longevity. It is truly a gift to partner with every professional within Interise and fuel opportunities for prosperity.