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Interise instructors are the reason the StreetWise ‘MBA’TM continues to prove its success, so it’s only fitting to celebrate them during Teacher Appreciation Week! Each instructor brings their unique business knowledge and past experiences to their cohort, often creating relationships with participating business owners that last long after the program’s completion. This week, Interise is featuring testimonials shared by business owners in appreciation for their StreetWise ‘MBA’TM teachers and instructors!

“Mary is a gifted teacher and instructor. She knew how to capture the interest of our class in an engaging, witty, direct and helpful way. Some of the concepts in class were entirely new to me and she really helped all of us understand how a concept could be applied to any one of our businesses. I also appreciated how she really took the time to listen, understand and customize the material for what our class needed to learn.” – Interise Alum on Mary Marshall; Seattle, WA instructor

“Our instructor was never dull. She made it exciting to come to class and learn how to become great CEOs. She used her only life’s examples with a failing hair salon to teach us about businesses. Even though class is over. She continues to motivate us and provide additional opportunities for our businesses to excel.” – Interise Alum on Nicole Cober, Esquire; Baltimore, MD instructor

“Well to start I was not totally into being in this class , but my sister said it would be good for the family business if I was going to take the business into the future with a lot of grumbling I went to the first class and there was Bob Ross all excited and raring to push the class onward. Mind you I was not a fan of going to college and was about to find out I was going to be doing more homework and basic studying and learning our family business all over again. He took me from being defiant to participating to always the first one there in class excited to see Thursday come, he made it so I wanted and needed to be there or I would miss out and that has never happened in all the years of seminars, classes, webinars, etc. I even I had emergency gallbladder surgery and the day I left the hospital I went to class 2 hours later and so to me, that says a lot about Bob. He was valuable in our business landing a 1/4 million dollar a year account from what he had taught and his invaluable insight.” – Interise Alum on Robert BoB Ross; Columbus, OH instructor

Look out for more teacher appreciation features as the week goes on!

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