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Interise's StreetWise ‘MBA'™ provides small business owners with the business knowledge, management know-how, and the networks needed to grow established small businesses.

Join a network of thriving small businesses, instructors, business experts, and advisors.

curriculum modules and components


Participants identify and set strategic goals needed to grow their businesses over the next three years. They also assess their own leadership styles and form CEO Mentoring Groups with whom they will collaborate throughout the program — and beyond.


This portion of the program focuses on key financial measures to help participants gauge the financial health of their businesses and to help participants make effective decisions. Learn about key financial statements and how these statements relate to one another.


Participants become familiar with the funding landscape by hearing from experts in the field of both public and private lending.


Participants will work to identify which products and customers promise to be the most profitable and which markets have the greatest potential for growth. They will also learn the importance of market segmentation and the benefit of interviewing their customers.


Learn the importance of having a sales strategy and the necessary tools to track sales performance. Identify sales blockages and develop a plan for removing those blockages.


Participants will learn how to select and nurture the key talent necessary to grow their business, and the importance of culture in retaining talent.


This session will educate participants on the opportunities that exist with both government and anchor institutions, as well as prepare them for doing business with these types of entities.


  • Each participant walks away with a customized action plan for their business.
  • The plan is revised at the end of each course module with input from peers, the instructor, and guest experts.
  • Improves operational effectiveness and enhances strategic positioning.
  • Provides a practical, action-based road map with clear steps for business growth.


Present yourself and your business to your peers and experts in the field. Instead of using external or theoretical case studies, the StreetWise 'MBA' utilizes participants' businesses as the case studies for peer-based learning. By focusing on what real entrepreneurs are presently coping with, complex and confusing concepts are more readily understood. Apply what you're learning in real time.


Beyond the classroom, participants engage with a small CEO Mentoring Group of their peers to discuss business challenges, provide mentorship and feedback, and build lasting professional and personal relationships.

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