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You’ve successfully started a small business—but now the time has come to expand your operations, fuel job creation, and boost your bottom line. And we’re here to help.

Our high-impact programs and resources—designed to meet the needs of minority- and women-owned enterprises—can help you acquire the skills, know-how, and networks you need to scale up your business and power long-term growth and success.


Our learning opportunities range from the award-winning Streetwise MBA executive management program to our Small Business Stronger courses, which focus on leadership and employee empowerment strategies.

Learn more about our programs or find a program near you.

Stacey Derrick
"It was valuable to network with other small business owners and gain a wealth of business knowledge. Using the strategies we acquired from Interise, we have come back so much stronger—and are excited to see what the future brings!"
Stacey Derrick, CEO, Help in the Home
Deanna Hemphill
"The Emerging Leading class taught me not to just work in my business but to work on top of my business."
Deanna Hemphill, My-T-Sharp Janitorial Services, LLC


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Small Business


Percentage of U.S. businesses that are small businesses: 99.9%
Number of Americans employed by small businesses: 61.7 million

Source: US Small Business Administration, 2023