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This article contains suggestions for how to improve marketing and communications from the author, and it relays tips for generating business from a handful of business leaders. As such it contains a diversity of quotes from leaders in different industries.


This article is particularly relevant for those who have medically vulnerable employees in their business. It provides suggestions for how to support employees who may not feel safe or be safe returning to the office.


This article from CNBC explores the realities of workspaces as we continue to confront the ongoing pandemic, and the effects that may have on company culture.


Forbes provides helpful tips on caring for your employees while still maintaining a healthy business during the COVID-19 pandemic. These recommendations fall into several categories: preventing the spread of illness, coordinating healthy business operations, managing COVID-19 positive results, prioritizing morale building efforts, and considering the financial and employment needs of staff. Outside of the CDC’s guidelines, this article does not link to specific resources, but it does provide many useful tips on how to approach leadership and HR.


This article provides six actionable steps and goals for creating a successful company culture, as well as additional company culture questions to reflect on as the leader of your business.


This resource contains a downloadable template, explanations, and examples to guide a business owner through a SWOT analysis. A SWOT analysis is an important tool for understanding internal and external conditions related your business. A SWOT analysis helps you create more data-driven business strategies and growth plans.

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This article provides brief descriptions of four major business growth strategies along with seven steps for developing a growth plan.


This tool provides practical information and guidance on how to improve net profit drivers, find ways to grow your existing business, determine new business channels and models, build competitive advantage, develop an effective marketing campaign, focus on the key business drivers, identify demand, and have working capital reserves.


SCORE mentors are current and former business owners who can provide free expert business advice. If you have a mentor already, you can contact them to schedule a remote session via phone, email, or video. Use this tool the get matched with a mentor.


This article from SCORE offers four suggestions for small business owners to consider during crisis, including evaluating your financial picture, matching records to reality, categorizing finances properly, and interrogating spending.


This article lays out five key calculations to be considered for a financial analysis of a business’ operations, including revenues, profits, operational efficiency, capital efficiency and solvency, and liquidity.


Financial Statement Analysis For Small Businesses from the Virginia Small Business Development Center Network

This resource guide provides a basic understanding of the components and purposes of financial statements, covering their importance, collecting and managing data, the income statement, the balance sheet, the cash flow statement, financial ratios, key terms and concepts, and case studies.


This US Chamber of Commerce resource helps business owners understand whether a small business loan is right for them and how to apply if so. Topics covered include whether a loan is your best option, the questions a lender will ask, comparing various loan types, the difference between secured and unsecured loans, how Small Business Administration (SBA) loans work, and unfair lending practices.


The following is a resource and technical assistance guide developed by the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) to help Hispanic and minority-owned small businesses prepare to safeguard their enterprise with lending, grant options, and financial support as together we navigate the economic impact of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus).


CARES Act Technical Assistance Guide for Hispanic and Minority-Owned Small Businesses from the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC)

The following is a technical assistance guide developed by the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) to help Hispanic and Minority-Owned Small Businesses take full advantage of the CARES Act Economic Relief Plan due to the impact of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus).


Where Latinos Get Funding from Next Wave Impact

An online resource for Latino business owners that provides an overview of the different kinds of financing, a list of capital providers, especially those that are focused on funding Latino entrepreneurs, and other resources to support Latino companies in raising funds.


Microlenders are alternative lenders that will provide smaller loans than what a bank would normally approve. Use this SBA tool to find a microlender. All you need to do is enter your state.


Federal Contracting from US Small Business Administration (SBA)

The US Small Business Administration’s Federal Contracting resources include a contracting guide, contracting assistance programs, and counseling and training.


SCORE’s collection of marketing and sales templates offers valuable tools in areas such as sales forecasting, marketing planning, and target markets.


This hour-long recording of a Google and Deloitte webinar discusses the benefits of digital engagement for small businesses and their broader research on small businesses and digital engagement.


This short article written by a diversity, equity and inclusion consultant lists four things managers should and should not do in light of the current events around racial justice. The steps are very clear and worth reading for anyone who is unsure of how to respond publicly.


A Guide to Building a More Resilient Business from Harvard Business Review

This article identifies a gap in many business owners’ education and suggests they would benefit from learning to “design for, measure, and manage resilience.” COVID is just one example of how “the business environment is becoming more dynamic and unpredictable.” The article gives 6 “principles of long-lasting systems” that one can use to structure their business in a resilient way. Beyond structuring, it also describes strategies categorized as mitigation strategies, environmental shaping, and collaboration. The article then categorizes different types of benefits of resilience, and it ends with a list of six steps.


This article provides helpful tips on how to build a successful modern workplace culture for small businesses, focusing on culture versus skill, trust, transparency, and accountability.


This McKinsey article explains five behaviors that will help leaders navigate crises: 1) Setting up a network of teams 2) Displaying “deliberate calm” and “bounded optimism” 3) Assessing before acting 4) Demonstrating empathy 5) Maintaining transparency and giving frequent updates