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This article provides a comprehensive checklist that business owners can run through to set their business up for success in the new year. The checklist covers accounting, IT, and human resources. It provides guidance on everything from assessing your financial position, examining staffing needs, and evaluating your business goals. 


This resource makes the case for building a strong culture of gratitude within any organization. It breaks down the impact that expressing gratitude can have on employees and workplace culture such as higher job satisfaction and fewer sick days. The article emphasizes that gratitude is not about reaping these benefits, but rather recognizing the inherent value of employees and coworkers. It provides four key tips to authentically and continuously cultivate this culture within any business.


(ESP) Este artículo está publicado en un blog titulado Nubox el cual relata 11 tips clave para gestionar un negocio en tiempos de crisis; cabe aclarar que está enfocado en el rendimiento de las pymes. Dentro de las herramientas principales abordadas a lo largo del artículo se encuentran: Identificar los riesgos potenciales, centrarse en la atención al cliente, definir una política de reducción de gastos, determinar un plan de trabajo para afrontar la crisis, entre otros elementos que pueden ser útiles para afrontar estos momentos de dificultad.

(ENG) This blog post provides 11 key tips for managing a small business during a crisis. Some tips include identifying risks and developing a crisis management plan, improving or consolidating your customer service processes, defining a cost reduction strategy, and frequently monitoring key business metrics.


This article details some of the research findings from the 2020 State of Latino Entrepreneurship report. The report finds that capital access is still a major challenge for Latino-owned businesses. The article also summarizes tips for increasing the chances of approval. It recommends that business owners build relationships with bankers so they are more than just another face in the crowd. Small business owners should also consider developing relationships with regional and community banks. These banks may be more likely to provide the support and funding small business owners need.


(ESP) En esta infografia se explica como las pequeñas empresas deben desarrollar la fuerza de trabajo segun las necesidades que se requieren en este momento para que sus trabajadores logren una mayor productuvidad y mejora de sus habilidades en el futuro.

(ENG) Professional development opportunities are often necessary for employees to grow their skills and build the ones their company needs. This infographic provides five areas to consider when providing professional development opportunities including leadership/management, training, capacity, soft skills, and technology.


(ESP) En esta Infografía se muestran los beneficios que puede tener para una pequeña empresa automatizar algunas de sus funciones manuales o más repetitivas, y así optimizar procesos para que sean más rápidos y los trabajadores ocupen su tiempo en cosas menos mecánicas y más en labores donde se necesite creatividad, inteligencia o toma de decisiones.

(ENG) This infographic explains the benefits that a small business can reap when adopting automation. The benefits include optimizing and streamlining processes, saving time and resources, and giving employees more time for tasks that require soft skills such as creativity and decision-making.