Interise and the Roosevelt Institute, Innovative New Partnership
Collaboration will focus on small business capacity building

A unique partnership was solidified this week between Interise and the Roosevelt Network centered on tackling the inequality gap and strengtheningthe nation’s business economy in lower income communities. By connecting Interise alumniwith student groups working and advocating for local investment from inside their own schools, Interise and the Network will inform opportunities for Colleges and Universities to partner with small business owners in their communities.

::fulltext::“Interise has seen first-hand the powerful economic and social impacts such a partnership can have both for the institutions and their local communities,” said Tanya Pope, Interise Senior Manager of Program Expansion.

The Roosevelt Network, through communication and coordination with community members and stakeholders, identify pressing issues facing their towns, counties, and states. The network is organizing on a wide range of issues on 120 college campuses and in 38 states nationwide, and partners with policy makers and communicators to provide them with clear, principled ideas and visionary, actionable plans.

“Roosevelt’s Rethinking Communities project is an ongoing research and organizing plan that attempts to harness

 alan smith
 Alan Smith
Associate Director of Networked Initiatives

the resources of colleges and universities as anchor institutions. Students examine the ways that schools invest, spend their procurement dollars, and interact with the community in everything from hiring practices to cultural events. The program allows students to grapple with the seemingly overwhelming issues of economic inequality and to work toward meaningful change. Working with the network of Interise businesses will give these students real examples of local business people who can and should be a part of their school’s procurement plans,” said Alan Smith, Associate Director of Networked Initiatives at the Roosevelt Institute.

Interise is currently working with a number of universities or academic consortiums on small business capacity building, including these institutions:

New York University Stern School of Business
/New York City Small Business Services
Strategic Steps for Growth
(New York, NY)
University Circle, Inc
Next Step
(Cleveland, OH)
University of Houston-Downtown
/City of Houston Office of Business Opportunity
Build Up Houston
(Houston, TX)
Bermuda College
StreetWise ‘MBA’TM
(Hamilton, Bermuda)

With this new partnership, Interise seeks to establish more StreetWise ‘MBA’™ cohorts in partnership with colleges and universities nationwide.

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