Glynn Lloyd is a Co-founder of City Growers, LLC and Chief Executive Officer of City Fresh Foods, an innovative food service operation that provides healthy meals daily to elders, students, childcare organizations and other institutional clients. Both businesses thrive in Dorcester, a lower income community in the Greater Boston area.

Equipped with knowledge from his StreetWise ‘MBA’™ coursework and classmates, Glynn was able to continue City Fresh Foods’ already stellar growth; annual revenues increased from $2M to $5M in the ten years following the program. But the true goal, as Glynn told us in an interview, was to build resilience in the local community.

“I have a certain passion, a generational history from these neighborhoods, so that’s where I’m starting, where the infrastructure needs to be built. You start with your core, you stay with your core, but you don’t know what will be thrown at you as you move along.Creating enterprising teams made up of folks who think that way has been one of our biggest successes. They’re the ones that are leading City Fresh and City Growers. They’re agile; they’re committed; they’re very special people.”

Glynn recently joined the Boston Impact Initiative as its Managing Director, where he will further support his community by impact investing in businesses that are poised to strengthen their resilience by assisting their communities.

His story and philosophy give credence to our theory of change: resilience can be achieved in underserved communities when small businesses thrive.

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