Grow My People


Grow My People is a strategic training initiative that helps business owners create and implement an action-oriented personnel plan – a critically-important step for growth.

Using data and insights from over 8,000 Streetwise MBA businesses, the Grow My People curriculum centers on real-life best practices and strategy for hiring, training, retaining, and developing a healthy staff.

Course modules include:

  • Assessing current and future hiring gaps
  • Writing position descriptions that drive the best candidates
  • Learning various interviewing techniques
  • Identifying the right hire for today – and tomorrow
  • Creating and evaluating staff development programs
  • Delegating responsibility effectively
  • Constructing performance management systems based on compensation and reward systems

By the end of the program, business owners walk away with both a holistic understanding of strategic hiring and a tactical plan to hire, train and grow employees.

The end result? Small business owners gain time to focus on high-level priorities while delegating the day-to-day operations of their business to a trusted and healthy staff.

Contact us to learn more and register for Grow My People.