Powering an inclusive economy—together

From federal agencies like the Small Business Administration to your local chamber of commerce, Interise establishes partnerships with a range of nonprofit, private, and public organizations to help empower minority- and women-owned business enterprises (MWBEs).

By offering Interise programs in their communities, underwriting the development of new initiatives, and supporting our research priorities, our partners do more than grow MWBEs across the country; they actively contribute to the development of an economy that works for all, not just the few.

Program Partners

We collaborate with local governments and nonprofits nationwide to deliver our high-impact programing—from the award-winning StreetWise MBA, in both English and Spanish, to Small Business Stronger, and more. These offerings are designed for immediate impact, and can also be customized to meet the unique needs of small business owners in your community.

Interise provides our program partners with:

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Foundation Partners

Interise research initiatives are supported by generous foundations whose missions are aligned with our own: to create a blueprint for equitable economic development.

Our foundation partners underwrite social science research that informs the development of our programming—and drives real-world change. If your foundation’s goals include widening the diversity of America’s entrepreneurial class and creating capital in low-wealth localities, please get in touch.

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Thought Leadership Partners

At Interise, we believe that we’re better at finding solutions when we work jointly with partners with an array of perspectives. That’s why we’re committed to collaborating with other organizations on the frontlines of inclusive business development. In addition, we draw on a wealth of practical and academic business experience from our accomplished faculty, who develop and deliver our programs.

From sponsored research to co-branded events, learn more about how we can partner with you to empower small business owners—and change the future.



Ayanna Khan
"Each graduate not only demonstrated commitment to growing their business, and a commitment to enriching their own personal business acumen, but also a commitment to enriching Delaware’s entire business community. Their efforts are leading to an enriched and more diverse business economy that contributes to a level playing field for all throughout Delaware."
Ayanna Khan, Founder/CEO/President of Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce
Janice Malone
"Working in collaboration with Interise, we are thrilled to bring nationally-recognized small business development programs to our local, Black-owned businesses."
Janice Malone, Executive Director, Vivian’s Door
Nathaniel Smith
"Access to equitable support is needed to advance economic inclusion. When given the right access to resources, support, and investment, minority-owned businesses can be positioned to build wealth for themselves and their families."
Nathaniel Smith, Founder and Chief Equity Officer, The Partnership for Southern Equity
Stacey Derrick
"It was valuable to network with other small business owners and gain a wealth of business knowledge. Using the strategies we acquired from Interise, we have come back so much stronger—and are excited to see what the future brings!"
Stacey Derrick, CEO, Help in the Home


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