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As a way to commemorate the closing of Hispanic Heritage Month 2021 we spoke with Xochitl Lara Del Rosal, COO of C-E Electric and alumni of our 2019 Accelerate Latinx City of Houston OBO Cohort.
We take pride in highlighting the successes of our network. We understand the power of impact through real life stories and feel proud when our mission is met.
Deanna and Stewart Junge are the founders of Landmark Finish Inc., a family and Veteran owned and operated custom cabinetry business located in Andover, Massachusetts.
“When I think about employing Detroiters, that’s something that I feel very strongly about. I’m an artist really but in order to sell my art I have to hire people . . . I could not be prouder of anything other than employing people.”
For Jason and Kate, business and community are intertwined. “I think that’s part of our success, being able to be close by, being in our own community,” says Kate.
“A problem can seem like an immovable boulder when, in reality, it is just a pebble. Sometimes it just takes different perspectives to see that a problem can be solved.”
“No matter what the business is, there are a ton of similarities in what needs to be done when it comes to managing people. All the same problems, hiccups, or growth issues happen to everybody.”
Gina Diaz knows how to leverage her networks to get new contracts. She and her son and business partner, Casey Simien, just completed the Build Up Houston (BUH) program, delivered through a partnership between Interise and the City of Houston.