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Elizabeth J. Reynoso, a passionate and dedicated leader with decades of experience in creating systemic solutions to address racial wealth disparities, joined Interise, a national economic development nonprofit, this month as the new Director of Research, Evaluation & Impact.
Minority- and women-owned small businesses are under attack in the courts. The Supreme Court’s decisions on Affirmative Action will affect hiring and retention policies for small businesses and has opened the door to further legal threats to inclusive growth.
The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to strike down affirmative action in colleges is a blow to efforts to address systemic inequities and the ambitions of young Americans hoping to better their lives through education.
May 2023: Now that the most devastating effects of the pandemic are in our rearview mirror, our data analysis team has run some numbers on the effect the last three years has had on our alumni small businesses.
Small business growth can be a powerful tool to create good jobs and build wealth for business owners, employees, and communities. Contracting to provide goods and/or services can be an organic way for many businesses
Throughout the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners in Interise’s network faced unprecedented challenges around staffing yet seemed to demonstrate resilience.
This post is part of an Interise Insights series, sharing findings from our most recent 2021 Annual Assessment survey with 1,164 responses from established small businesses across race, ethnicity, and place.
National not-for-profit Interise has been awarded one-million dollars to bring insights on systemic barriers to quality job creation at small businesses from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
As a way to commemorate the closing of Hispanic Heritage Month 2021 we spoke with Xochitl Lara Del Rosal, COO of C-E Electric and alumni of our 2019 Accelerate Latinx City of Houston OBO Cohort.
Beyond Employment The goal of Interise’s August panel was to explore the many different things business owners do for their employees and communities.
A pulse check on small businesses and their hiring plans Interise’s May panel survey focused on small business recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Each quarter Interise hosts a network “Partner SolveIt Call” where we gather all the partners and instructors in our network to discuss a chosen ‘mission moment’ and give an update of the work we are doing to support small businesses around the nation.