Richard Grundy

Warren, RI

“We see a local focus as a great way for our team to remain involved and feel like they’re working someplace that has such a great presence in the community. With customers now in 184 countries, we find that thinking locally helps us build a team and products that succeed globally.”
AVTECH Software, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Michael Sigourney in Irvine, CA. The company’s initial orientation as a network monitoring software company shifted when Richard Grundy, now president, joined the team in 2001. Richard led the development of a talented hardware and software engineering team, which designed products that helped to increase revenues and staff by over a thousand percent. Today, AVTECH sets itself apart with its custom hardware and software expertise that monitors temperature, humidity, flood, power, and other environment conditions in IT, data centers, and storage facilities around the world. Serving 184 countries, and with clients like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, the White House, the Pentagon, and the United Nations, AVTECH has become a dominant force in its industry.

AVTECH is a committed local player in Warren, RI. “When we purchased the Cutler Mill property, many parts of the neighborhood were vacant. The area was fairly depressed,” Richard remembers. Residents of Warren had to drive to nearby towns for basic amenities in the absence of a local supermarket. One of the many contributions of AVTECH’s work in the community: the launch of a new grocery store in town. Michael convinced Tom’s Market, based out of Coventry, RI, to open a second location in an adjoining building to AVTECH’s headquarters, which the local software company also owned.

Community leadership translates into more committed staff for AVTECH: “We really just try to make sure we’re taking care of our employees and their families, and show our employees that we’re trying to be good stewards towards the community. As a result, our employees are very committed and turnover is very low. The good majority of our employees [have been here for] at least five years or more, with most of our senior management [being here for] ten years or more.” Richard estimates that AVTECH’s relocation to Warren in 2009 has directly and indirectly created jobs for over a hundred area residents.

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