Mario Burgos

Albuquerque, NM

“Now that we’ve worked in different markets we’re able to leverage that experience for other opportunities that are outside federal work. That never would have happened, or to the extent it has, if we hadn’t gone for federal contracts.”
Burgos Group was founded in 2006, as a management consulting firm. In the beginning the firm focused on marketing, communications, and operations management, but over time Burgos Group shifted its focus to construction, facilities-operation support, and logistics. While at one point all of its business was with the federal government, today nearly half of its business is in the private sector. In 2014, the firm added an electrical construction and services division for their commercial clients. Burgos Group has experienced impressive growth: in ten years, the firm has gone from 2 to 120 employees and consistently doubled annual revenues every two years. CEO Mario Burgos projects his business will earn $25M in 2017.

When the recession began at the end of 2007, Mario moved his business away from the private sector and towards the public sector. “At the time, everyone else seemed to be in a holding pattern--waiting to see how bad the recession was going to be,” says Mario. Without a doubt, Mario sees this pivot towards federal contracting to be his company’s primary source of growth.

Contracting with the federal government allowed Mario to do two things: diversify and expand. With proven past performance, federal contracting officers are “willing to give you that chance” if you want to move into other markets, because federal contract requirements are consistent across industries. Diversification couldn’t happen as easily in the private sector, where there are different contract requirements depending on which industry you are in.

Expansion is another place where the consistency of federal contracts has allowed Mario to grow more quickly: “By landing work with the federal government, who has work all over the country that is very similar, we were able to expand across the country in the private sector as well. Federal contracts allowed us to show our ability to manage multiple microenterprises across a wide geographic area.” Proving itself with the federal government allowed Burgos Group to expand into the private sector with the experience they would need to grow. Today the Burgos Group portfolio contains more than 65 prime contracts from thirteen different federal agencies.

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