Interise Alumni

Our alumni network is #InteriseStrong.

Your involvement with Interise does not end with graduating from the StreetWise MBA curriculum – graduation is the beginning of the journey.

Interise is building on a network of focused and energized small business owners around the world, and we need your continued input. We encourage you to stay in the powerful Alumni network and let us help you scale your business to higher levels.

Together we are #InteriseStong.


My experience with the Interise “StreetWise MBA” program was transformational. Interise is the major reason we were able to survive the pandemic. I leaned into my growth plan and was able to offer a new line of services to our clients which led to increased sales, profit and raises for all our staff. Without Interise, we would have been in panic mode. Instead, we were prepared with strong financial documents, a strong network and access to resources that led us to success.

Nia McAdoo, Amped Events

I had the privilege of being a graduate of the Streetwise “MBA” Detroit class of 2011. It was a fantastic experience and the curriculum was instrumental in helping me grow as a business owner. The presenters and speakers were well-respected leaders in various fields and offered real-world situations and scenarios that could immediately be applied to each of the participant’s businesses. I am grateful for the opportunity and the many relationships I made.

Scott Millman, Bean Steel Company

I had no previous knowledge of how to manage a business when I founded Drillhead. Now I know what aspects of the business management need to be adjusted and which ones need a change. The StreetWise ‘MBA’ program by Interise gave me knowledge to manage my business and confidence that I can do anything I decide, and to become a successful businessman and a successful profitable commercial enterprise.

Misael Sanchez, Drillhead Drilling & Shoring, Inc.

I completed the SBA Emerging Leaders Program in spring of 2017. It was the first time that I had ever taken a business class or program. It completely changed the way that we look at our business. It was so valuable for me to be able to network with other small business owners, and learn a wealth of business knowledge. When the pandemic hit in 2020, I was grateful to be able to discuss what funding was out there with my cohort. It really helped us be able to get the first round of PPP funding which meant we did not have to lay anyone off. We used some of the strategies and business knowledge that we learned from Interise and have come back so much stronger in 2021. We are excited to see what 2022 brings and know that being part of the Network Champion Cohort will be a great part of it!

Stacey Derrick, Help In The Home

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