Small Business and the Racial Wealth Gap


Minority-owned businesses are growing at a rapid pace: from 2007 to 2012, the number of minority-owned firms increased by 38%, while the number of non-minority-owned firms declined by 6%. More impressively, the number of Black women-owned businesses and Latina women-owned businesses grew by 67% and 87%, respectively. These strong numbers demonstrate the potential for minority-owned businesses to drive local economic development.

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Interise receives UEDA Award of Excellence for Talent and Innovation in Economic Development


Recognized as original, scalable, and sustainable solution by university economic development leaders

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA – October 10, 2017Interise, the go-to partner with a proven model for accelerating small business growth in lower income communities, was presented with an Award of Excellence at the University Economic Development Association’s Annual (UEDA) Summit. Interise was selected as a best practice initiative in university-based economic development for its StreetWise ‘MBA’™ program, partnership model, and C3 initiative. 

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INTERISE INSIGHT: Creating Good Jobs


Jobs and wages are major topics in the national conversation about our economy. Unemployment is down, but jobs with good wages are still hard to come by, leaving many workers scrambling to get by.

Interise’s 2016 Impact Report shows the power of small business to create good, local jobs in the communities where they’re needed most. In 2015, StreetWise ‘MBA’™ alumni created jobs at nine times the rate of the private sector. Alumni from 2012, 2013, and 2014 created 2,129 new jobs and retained 10,978. 65% of these businesses were minority-owned or located in low- or moderate-income census tracts.

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INTERISE INSIGHT: "I can't find them!"

Mental Models in the Anchor Procurement System
communication-1991851 1920 Anchor institutions such as hospitals and universities know that they can generate economic impact by sourcing goods and services from local small businesses. They also know that they can generate economic opportunity by sourcing from minority-owned small businesses and small businesses located in lower income communities. Anchors generate billions of dollars in economic activity every year. So why don’t they further leverage their economic “procurement power” to create opportunities for low-income individuals and minorities?

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New Interise Partnership Launches RiseUp Springfield

rise-up springfield logos



July 10, 2017 (Springfield, MA) – Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, the Association of Black Business & Professionals (ABBP), and the Springfield Regional Commerce, in collaboration with Interise, announce ‘RiseUp Springfield’.

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Instructor Series: Toby Stansell

growth accelerator Meet Toby Stansell, an Interise instructor who has been teaching the Greenville Chamber's Minority Business Accelerator in Greenville, SC. The program, powered by Interise's StreetWise 'MBA' curriculum, is designed to advance economic inclusion by increasing the overall capacity of locally-based growth-oriented MBEs. Toby serves in executive management roles for high-impact, fast-growth organizations that want to leverage innovation and technology for improved operational and financial performance.

How would you describe the type of business owner that participates in the StreetWise 'MBA'?
The business owner that participates in StreetWise 'MBA' is committed to the entrepreneurial path. They would rather “go down with the ship” than serve as an employee in a traditional role for an established organization. They have a genuine interest in the market space in which their business operates and they are absolutely passionate about the product(s) or service(s) that their organization brings to that market… to the degree that they spend countless hours thinking and plotting how to make improvements to their ”deliverable." This includes improving quality, uniqueness, performance, aesthetics, packaging, pricing, marketing... anything that will move their solution as far away as possible from being considered a commodity and toward a market position in which their offering is considered unique or “exclusive.”

The second primary characteristic of a business owner that participates in the StreetWise 'MBA' program is that they know that they can run their business more effectively… they just don’t know how. They are willing to invest the many hours in preparation, classroom time, and testing the principles that are espoused by the program to improve the performance and health of their organization and elevate their chances of achieving a sustainable market position and long-term financial success. In short, they want to reduce their dependence upon “luck” as the primary success factor and instead learn and apply empirical business knowledge and skills in the arenas of strategic growth planning, finance, sales, human resources, etc. The StreetWise 'MBA' program equips and enables the business owner to lead and manage their business in a fact-based, data-driven fashion using principles that work in today’s market conditions.

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