StreetWise 'MBA' Alumni Steal the Show at National Small Business Week Awards


Seven StreetWise 'MBA' alumni earned their state's 2017 Small Business Person of the Year award for their strong leadership and community impact. These StreetWise 'MBA' alumni are among 54 small businesses awarded honors by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a part of National Small Business Week.

National Small Business Week, hosted by the U.S. Small Business Administration, takes place starting on April 30th with an awards ceremony in Washington DC and continues until May 6th. The awards ceremony will feature a variety of national award winners, chosen from the 54 states' and territories' Small Business Person of the Year awards that have already been announced.

Below is a list of StreetWise 'MBA' alumni who have been named 2017 Small Business Persons of the Year:

  • Victoria A. Washington, Arkansas
  • Dr. Eva D. Littman, Nevada
  • Mario Burgos and David Burgos, New Mexico
  • Pamela Newman, New York
  • Eric Mauch and Carla Dean Schwartzenberger, North Dakota
  • Deborah Paris, Texas
  • Robert W. Dozier Jr., Washington, D.C.

"RWD, a small business that provides facilities, logistics, administrative, and IT solutions to Federal, public, and private clients, increased our 2016 revenue by 46% from the previous year, and ended with more than 80 employees," said Robert W. Dozier Jr., CEO of RWD Consulting in Washington.

To celebrate Small Business Week, there will be events around the country hosted by the Small Business Administration. Each state will present more specific awards as well, which StreetWise 'MBA' alumni are also in the running for!

Interise's proven model for accelerating economic development through small business growth in lower-income communities has had impressive impact across the country, as illustrated in the 2016 Impact Report. Celebrate thriving small businesses #AllYearLong!

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SBA Emerging Leaders Alumni and Interise Instructor Meet With SBA Administrator Linda McMahon


On Thursday, SBA Administrator Linda McMahon spent the day in Miami, meeting with several Emerging Leaders alumni business owners as well as Interise instructor Orlando Espinosa. McMahon first stopped off at AAA Million Auto Parts to spend time with CEO Joseangel Hernandez, a 2015 graduate of Emerging Leaders Miami.


McMahon continued on to a small business round-table, featuring Orlando Espinosa in addition to four recent Emerging Leaders alumni: Moises Montañez of ALTA Home Remodeling Co., Margaret Anglin of Mr. Wireman Electric, Maria Sandra Pineda of Medical Equipment Solutions Corporation, and Kizzy Parks of K Parks Consulting. At the round-table, McMahon and several small business owners centered conversation around government regulations, finance, and technology. Pointing to the many opportunities the government has to contract with small businesses, Emerging Leaders alumni stressed the importance of connecting these small businesses with substantial federal contracts to achieve next-level growth.

"I can't stress enough the importance of education and capacity building to ensure the success of second-stage growth for small businesses," said Interise instructor Orlando Espinosa. "Without it, long-term scaling is much more difficult."

See coverage of the events from the Miami Herald

Check out the 2016 #ImpactMatters Report for insights about the relationship between contracting with small businesses and creating quality jobs.




Just released: The Small Business Credit Survey published by the Federal Reserve Banks.

The report provides intelligence on the financing needs and gaps of small businesses – “fundamental to understanding and bolstering the sector’s health and growth.” The report is made possible through the collaboration of national, regional, and community partners nationwide “who share valuable insights about small business financing needs.”

Interise, a proud partner of the Federal Reserve, collaborated with the Federal Reserve to promote and distribute the survey to our network of thriving small businesses!


SC Graduation Spotlight - dNB Burgers


Amelia Ruvich, Co-owner of dNB Burgers in New Bedford

Amelia Ruvich is a participant in the 2016-17 SouthCoast StreetWise 'MBA' program, graduating on Tuesday, April 11th in New Bedford, MA. The StreetWise 'MBA' program provides small business owners all across the country with the business knowledge, management know-how, and the networks needed to grow their established small businesses. dNB Burgers brings gourmet hamburgers made from locally-sourced ingredients to the city of New Bedford. Everything is made by hand - from grinding their own meat daily, to making spicy ketchup from scratch.

Through the StreetWise 'MBA' program, participants craft a 3-year Strategic Growth plan, which becomes their road-map for immediately implementing changes within their business that have been inspired by the program. Here are a few things dNB Burgers has already implemented, even before graduating from the program.

Since beginning Interise, dNB has made several changes to begin the growth process.
  • Bought a beer and wine license for a revenue boost--to afford staff changes and other coasts of growth.
  • Expanded their space and opened the upstairs in Sept. 2016. This brought the seating up to 50 seats total. 5 more tables and a new bar!-- much more accommodating to growing customer base.
  • Diversified the menu to help ease the load of patrons on the small under equipped service kitchen. They added appetizers, cocktails, and dessert to reduce strain on kitchen during service by lengthening table time.
  • Created management positions to help with delegating responsibilities, freeing up more time to spend on the business
  • Hired a bookkeeper and got a grasp on their books, understanding the books became paramount as cash flow grew tighter due to needs of the brand new space and bar

Thank you to all those who made this year's program possible, including the Garfield Foundation, Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation, and the small business participants!

What NYC Small Business Services gives independent physicians that med school can't

doctor stock

After she graduated medical school, Dr Teresa Chan had the medical skills she would need to examine and treat patients. Having the best business skills to run her own practice, however, was a different story: “You never learn business skills in medical school because you just see the patients and you keep moving. Even through residency, there was no formal teaching on how to bill and code for our services, much less how to start or run a private practice.” So when Teresa pursued her dreams of starting her own practice, she realized she needed help.

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Alumni Spotlight: Perez, APC


new-orleans-1630343 1280


A Story of Resilience

Perez is a 75-year-old business and according to Mary Alexander, Chief Financial Officer of Perez, “It’s the second-oldest architecture firm in New Orleans,” where it is based out of the French Quarter. Before 2005, most of its contracts were in and around New Orleans. In 2005, however, Hurricane Katrina hit the South Coast. Almost all of their business was either put on hold or destroyed in the devastation. The Perez office itself, in the northern part of the quarter, suffered damage as well. 

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